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EPISODE 1: Joan finds her voice

Joan, a vocalist-turned-composer, explores how her survival of a historic train wreck collides with her physical and emotional losses — including the lives of three of her children, and later, her singing voice.

The episode is available now wherever you get your podcasts.

Host poet Todd Boss examines the resilience it takes to continue to exist in a world when so many of the things you love have been taken away from you.

Joan's story inspires Todd to write not one, but three poems, one for each of her boys. "Sound Mind" affirms Joan's choice to become a composer after all she's been through. "Accord" draws connections by interchanging griefs surrounding the near-homophonic words "boys" and "voice." And "A Trophy" recognizes and celebrates Joan's resilience by transforming her vocal "atrophy" into something worthy of the red carpet. You can read and listen to all three poems, and read Joan's responses, below.

"This meant so much to me," says Joan. "I don't think you have any idea.... It's been life-transforming and affirming and fun and serious and ... the whole gamut."

The poems

Sound Mind


A Trophy


If you think there's a poem in your story, leave us a message on our Haiku, Hawaii, guest line, at 808-300-0449.

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Big thanks to Joan, whose vulnerability and willingness were the catalysts for a truly transformative conversation.



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