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WHAT   There's a Poem in That is an award-winning podcast in which poets help strangers discover the poetry in their most intimate stories. 


HOW   Award-winning poet Todd Boss interviews strangers — listening deep into their stories — then risks writing an original poem just for them. 


WHY   We’ve all sensed there’s more to our lives. Something just beyond our grasp. TAPIT demonstrates how poetry can tap it. 


WHO   You! Your friend. Your hairdresser. Anyone! If you think there’s a poem in your story, leave us a message at 808-300-0449.

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EPISODE 1: “JOAN FINDs HER VOICE   Before Joan lost her singing voice, she survived a historic train wreck, and lost three boys to miscarriages. Todd discovers not one, but three poems in that. Joan calls the experience “life-transforming, affirming, fun, serious … the whole gamut.”  

POWERFUL CONTENT   Each episode contains high stakes, gripping stories, literary art, and personal transformation.

VISION   Todd’s vision is to make the world more poetic. He’s been responding to poetry commissions privately since 2007. 

WHY LISTEN   You’ll be moved, inspired, and uplifted as intimate stories are made poignant, universal, and transcendent through the magic of poetry. 

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HOW OFTEN   TAPIT will release 6-12 new 30-minute episodes per year, each featuring a different guest. 


MORE   Our website features episodes, poems, bonus content, guest responses, listener feedback, and a directory of guest poets standing by to work with you. A book-length collection of the series’ poems and guest stories is anticipated. 

MOMENTUM   We raised $5,000 from 50+ fans on Kickstarter, produced six episodes in our first season, and won a Signal Award for "Best Emerging Podcast" in 2023. We are actively seeking production partners, live event venues, and sponsors.

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Creator, Host, and Executive Producer Todd Boss

Executive Producer Hila Plitmann

Associate Producer Bronwen Clark

Story editors Chelsea Davis, Clare Wiley, and Abbie

   Fentress Swanson
Sound Designer Ben O’Brien 

Theme music composed by Esh Whitacre

Additional music composed by Nir Yaniv and Pedro Osuna

Administrative Assistant Mallory Capri Henson


About the HOST   Todd Boss is a poet, public artist, inventor, librettist, and film producer who has contributed to Emmy-winning and Grammy-nominated projects. His four poetry collections, all from W. W. Norton & Co., include Someday the Plan of a Town (2022). His poems have appeared in The New Yorker, American Poetry Review, Poetry, and on NPR. His lyrics have premiered at Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. In 2018, he became a nomad. More at


TAPIT seeks production partners, event venues, and sponsors. 

If you, or an institution you admire, is looking for opportunities to make the world more poetic, download our pitch deck. Or contact us at the link in the main menu.



TAPIT seeks established poets willing to attempt this kind of work, with Todd's support, on future episodes. Interested? Email us here.

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