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Sasha LaPointe is at your service. A micro-episode.

Some of America’s most celebrated poets are standing by to write poems for you on commission. Together, they form The International Bureau of Custom Poetry. More about the Bureau here.

In our second micro-episode, Bureau agent Sasha LaPointe shares her writing process, the breadth of her essays, and her focus on personal and shared experience--all aimed at trying to 'make sense of the madness' in the world. It culminates in Sasha's poem, “S.O.T.D.”


by Sasha LaPointe

mixtapes are the new

smoke signals

this distance traversed

by Joy Division

by Sonic Youth

by all the things

you found

in the post-punk


send me song lyrics

send me passages

send me anything

you made that day

and stay with me

a moment longer

brush strokes

and skate videos

did you know

Henry Miller

sent Anaïs Nin

love letters

two friends


in language

remember when

we went to Paris

remember the bridge

and the wine

we’ve never been to Paris

but if your memory

is as bad as mine

there is no one

to blow our cover

so let us dance awhile

and the miles between us are

only part of the choreography

are you still awake

are you still at the party

maybe one day

we’ll marry

other people

and we won’t be

at the other’s


but we’ll raise a glass

and ask

have you heard this one

another song

that reminds me of you

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

and Perfume

a photograph

a cup of coffee

the stranger

at the show

you should know

that I’m always





Do you have a loved one you’d like memorialized in a poem? Or a precious memory you’d like preserved for the ages? Sasha LaPointe and the other professional poets in the Bureau are standing by to work with you. Sessions can be private or taped for potential use on TAPIT. Use the contact form to inquire. Or call our listener line at 808-300-0449.


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